Cee Lo Green Labels Mitt Romney A ‘Terrible Singer’ In Late Show Top Ten

Last night on The Late Show with David Letterman, a sleepy looking Cee Lo Green showed up and gave the proverbial “F’ You!”* to Mitt Romney’s singing ability. In one of the show’s famous Top Ten lists, Green came out to give a list of signs that someone’s a terrible singer and the number two spot was simply “You’re this guy.” The guy in question being the Republican candidate.

Burn! Quick, Mitt. Get Jeff Foxworthy to write you a snappy comeback!

*When I said “F’ you,” I, of course, was referring to the word “forget.” And I, of course, was saying the word “forget” really, really quickly so as to squeeze it in a spot that only makes sense for one syllable words.

After Green’s set up, the show then cut to one of Romney’s great singing appearances. However, the audio appeared to be distorted perhaps because they couldn’t get the rights to “America the Beautiful” or perhaps because they wanted to make him sound like a horrible David Lynch nightmare.

Anyway, it’s clear that Green would not spin his magical Voice chair around for Mitt Romney. I’d say he should go for Rick Santorum, but I hear that guy’s already training under Blake Shelton.

Watch the clip from CBS below:

(h/t Politico)

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