Celebrity Twitter Copes With News Anthony Scaramucci Will Join Cast of Celebrity Big Brother: ‘Oh, FFS’


That’s right, THE Anthony Scaramucci is going to be on Celebrity Big Brother. Entertainment Weekly tweeted the news Sunday that the former (and momentary) White House Communications Director will be among the 12 guests in the house on Big Brother: Celebrity Edition when it premiers just over a week from now.

It’s not unprecedented. Omarosa Manigault was on the first season of the show. Is it for buzz? Parity? Parody? Or even masochism? The internet sure wants to know, and they’re tweeting about it.

Some celebrities have weighed in, of course, including actress Jane Lynch, who also happens to host her own game show featuring celebrities, Hollywood Game Night, had the tweet that perhaps best captured America’s collective Id, an instinctive, primal, gut reaction, not just to this news, but almost all news these last few years.

Actor Jon Cryer also weighed in.

Using the short time measurement of “Scaramuccis” was a nice touch.

But they are only part of what was a big reaction, particularly among the Blue Check Set, where we find the commercial has already aired.

If nothing else, it seem to be working on the “buzz” front. Not that everyone is happy about it. (Or anyone?)

Some were unhappier than others:

And even Omarosa, contestant on Season One of the Trump administration as well as Celebrity Big Brother, joined in, congratulating Scaramucci.

Still, you gotta love this question.

The answer is “a lot”, Andrew. A lot.

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