Chris Matthews Suggests Syrian Strike ‘Killed Narrative’ That Trump is ‘In Bed’ With Putin


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews twice suggested on Thursday night that the missile strikes on Syria were actually aimed at distracting from the allegations that President Donald Trump is “in bed” with the Russian government.

During a segment with regular guest David Corn, less than two hours before the news broke about the attack, Matthews noted that Trump is “under incredible scrutiny for his relations…with the Russians.” He added that “we’re hearing lots of talks…that there may be military action against Russia’s number one ally, which is Syria. Is this to cover his tracks?”

Corn replied, “Well, that would be the ‘wag the dog’ scenario, right?” The MSNBC host clarified, “Cover his tracks meaning you think I’m in bed with the Russians?” The guest continued that an attack “would distract from the investigation and show I’m not in bed with the Russians.”

Over two hours later, breaking news anchor Brian Williams turned to Matthews. The Hardball host first rehashed his earlier theory about the then-impending missile strike. However, he gave further reflection on what the attack may mean in terms of Russia.

…I thought if there was a way for him to kill the narrative that he’s in bed with Putin, it would be this. Take on Putin’s fresh water port, take on his ally, his satellite, his loyal ally Assad. That would be a way of saying, “I never was in bed with these guys. I never planned any kind of coalition with this guy in Moscow.” You’re right, I was thinking of it. Who knows? We’ll find out. It certainly isn’t going to go well with Putin, unless we find out they had a phone call this afternoon and worked this thing out, and it was a set piece that was not meant to be particularly antagonistic to Moscow.

(H/t: NewsBusters blog; Shareblue)

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