Chris Wallace Delivers Stirring On-Air Tribute to Charles Krauthammer: ‘I Want You to Know I Love You’


Fox News’ Chris Wallace delivered a beautiful tribute Friday to his dying colleague, Charles Krauthammer, who announced that he is dying from cancer.

“As he discovered, to his shock, the cancer had returned and… he talks about ‘the final verdict is in, my fight is over’ and finally when he says that ‘I leave this life with no regret,’ it is such quintessential Charles Krauthammer,” Wallace said. “It is so graceful, it is so honest, it is so brave.”

“I never, in all the years I knew Charles ever heard him express any sense of pity, ‘why me,'” The Fox News Sunday anchor added. “He led his life fully, vibrantly. Yes, he was very badly disabled. No use of his legs. Almost no use of his hands. And yet he lived a full life.”

“I think the thing that I… admire most about Charles, though, is that in a world in which we all, there’s a tendency to fall into tribes, you’re in this camp or this camp, Charles’ camp was his honesty, his values, his conviction,” Wallace said. “He could be lacerating in going after the excesses of liberalism, he could be just as tough going after the betrayals of his conservatism.”

“Charles, if you’re out there, if you’re watching this with your beloved wife Robin and your dear son Daniel who I know have been such a support to you in so many ways, I want you to know that I love you… and feel so honored to consider myself a colleague of yours,” he concluded. “You are a great man.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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