CNN Panel Tries to Decipher Melania Trump’s Wardrobe Disaster: ‘Maybe It’s a Moment of True Candor From Her’


While First Lady Melania Trump‘s wardrobe debacle has sparked a firestorm of criticism and confusion, a CNN panelist suggested it might have been intentional.

Boarding a plane to visit detention centers for immigrant children Thursday, Melania sported a jacket printed with the words “I really don’t care. Do you?”

Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, wondered if she was letting her clothing do the talking.

“Maybe it’s a moment of true candor from her,” Tanden said Thursday during Jake Tapper‘s evening program. “This administration doesn’t care about the kids.”

Tanden speculated that the jacket might have been a hint at the first lady’s inner thoughts on her husband’s behavior.

“Maybe she’s telegraphing for the world the reality of what’s going on because she’s living with Donald Trump, who as she’s going to the border is attacking Democrats and still talking about immigrants as if they’re all gang members,” Tanden said.

However, CNN political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson found the loud fashion statement completely baffling.

“Here was a trip they designed to in part be about the projection of compassion,” she noted. “It was about the cameras being there. They had a press pool with them. They knew that the cameras were going to be there, so the idea that what she is wearing and this sort of image projecting with her clothes doesn’t matter–I just don’t think it really passes the smell test here.”

Washington Examiner columnist Kristen Soltis Anderson was equally as confused by the outfit, adding that she felt it didn’t even look good.

“She is a stylish lady,” Anderson said. “In the course of being first lady, I believe she has worn dozens of different coats. And many of them are beautiful. This one is not. This White House has an incredible ability to take something good that has happened and convert it into something that is a bad story for them.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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