‘They’ve Broken My Spirit’: CNN Host Says She’s Disheartened By Trump Facing No Consequences

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota lamented, on Friday, the lack of action Congress has taken against President Donald Trump in the days after Robert Mueller‘s report was released.

In the opening segment on Friday’s edition of New Day, Camerota — while noting that Democrats want former White House lawyer Don McGahn to testify on how Trump supposedly ordered him to fire Mueller and then lie about it — took a pessimistic tone. She questioned whether anything would come of McGahn’s testimony when Congress has already seen “ample evidence” of obstruction.

“They know he threatened to quit because he thought he was being asked to commit crimes,” Camerota said. “How does his going before Congress change anything?”

Co-anchor John Berman explained that Attorney General William Barr is disputing the notion that McGahn said Trump ordered him to fire Robert Mueller before changing his story. He added that a congressional hearing would allow for cross-examination on McGahn’s recollection of events.

Camerota, though, was unmoved.

“My point, John, and I’m sorry if I sound like they’ve broken my spirit…” Camerota said.

“That’s what it sounds like. I think that’s the goal too,” Berman said.

“Well, it’s worked,” Camerota said. “I think I am channeling many members of the American public who feel these past two years have been disheartening for people who believe in justice. The reason I say that is because, you see in the Mueller report ample evidence laid out of obstruction, of what Robert Mueller considered obstruction, but nothing happens. You see violations of the Emoluments clause and nothing happens. Nepotism, but nothing happens.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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