Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Attacks CNN’s Brian Karem for Questioning Sarah Sanders: ‘He’s the Press Club Hobo’


Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld launched a scathing attack on CNN’s Brian Karem Thursday for his heated exchange with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders during the White House media briefing.

In the presser that afternoon, Karem asked whether Sanders had any empathy as a mother for children being separated from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border and placed in cages, a question which she brushed off before moving on.

Gutfeld, who hosts Fox’s commentary program, The Five, commented on the ordeal by reverting to personal jabs at the reporter’s appearance.

“I was waiting for him to throw a shoe, but judging from his apparel, I don’t think he wears them,” Gutfeld said. “He’s the press club hobo. He just needs a bindle.”

Irked by Karem’s portrayal of President Donald Trump‘s heavy-handed handling of immigration, Gutfeld said the “he’s been a terrible influence on the media” in the sense that Gutfeld feels the industry has become emboldened.

“I think they judge Trump’s behavior and say that you can say and do whatever you want now, including being a complete jackass, which he was,” Gutfeld said, referring to Karem. “That was purely an emotional, and a dishonest response on his part there. Kids are not being held in cages. Maybe you saw that as a meme on Twitter, but that is not reporting, strange man. There’s no policy about family separation. They’re not putting them in cages, you nutbag.”

The exact conditions under which immigrants are held are not completely clear, but a recent Washington Post report explains fenced enclosures are likely used in a McAllen, TX facility.

Concluding his insults of Karem, Gutfeld said he hopes “he does have shoes. Everybody should have shoes. I’m pro-shoe.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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