CNN’s Brianna Keilar Shuts Trump Down For Saying ‘Last Night Was a Tremendous Victory for Republicans’


Donald Trump tried to claim his Tuesday night Oval Office address was a “tremendous victory for Republicans,” but CNN’s Brianna Keilar provided a devastating fact check within seconds.

After an extended photo op in the Oval Office Monday morning, Trump traveled to Capitol Hill, where he briefly spoke to reporters before attending the Republican policy luncheon. On the Capitol steps, he claimed that “Democrats are losing a lot of support” over the border wall shutdown fight, and that “Last night was a big victory for the Republicans.”

But within seconds, Keilar set the record straight, telling CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins “I want us to fact check what we heard from President Trump.”

“He said Democrats are losing a lot of support, and we don’t have evidence of that, and in fact our latest polling shows that a majority, almost 60% of Americans, don’t want the wall,” Keilar said, citing a December poll in which 57 percent of Americans opposed funding a border wall.

And a growing number of congressional Republicans have expressed frustration with the shutdown, and openly expressed support for reopening the government without wall funding.

“He said last night was a major victory,” Keilar continued. “We have reporting today — right, Kaitlan? — that the president himself is one of the skeptics of his own shutdown strategy.”

Trump reportedly told news anchors, during an off-the-record meeting ahead of the address, that he thought the speech and his upcoming visit to the border were a waste of time.

And while there hasn’t been new polling on the issues since the address, the fact that the Democratic response has reportedly gotten higher ratings than Trump’s speech would seem to indicate that the address was anything but a “tremendous victory.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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