CNN’s Camerota Exclaims ‘Oh My God’ As Miles Taylor Claims WH Officials Worry About Trump’s Mental State


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota reacted with apparent shock on Thursday when former DHS official Miles Taylor told her that Donald Trump’s advisers don’t think he has the mental acuity to be president.

Taylor has offered numerous concerning claims about Trump since going public with his turn against the president, and since Trump is claiming to be mentally superior to Joe Biden, Camerota used a New Day interview to ask Taylor “in the White House, did people think there was cognitive decline or did people worry about [Trump’s] cognition?”

Taylor answered that Trump’s top advisers had “daily” conversations where “people literally didn’t feel like he was up to the job.”

“I’m telling you with every fiber of my being that some of the president’s closest advisers did not think he had the mental acuity to do the actual job,” Taylor continued. He went on to recall the reasons why meetings with Trump in the Situation Room would always be the “scariest.”

You would sit there trying to keep your jaw from hitting the floor because you’re trying to present the president information he needs…and he can’t keep his mind on it. He can’t focus, he fidgets and he gets confused. But this is the guy that needs to protect our country in the emergency and he can barely focus on what’s in front of him…This is the truth. This is what I witnessed. This is what many people witnessed, and I hope others will overcome that fear about what might happen in their personal lives if they speak out against the president.

“Oh my God!” Camerota exclaimed right after. “Oh my God! We have heard this whispered about, but nobody has spelled it out that clearly, that people — his top advisers daily — worry about his mental acuity and he can’t absorb the important information about the national security. We hear about that from time to time, but that is putting a fine point on it.”

Taylor went on to say others Republicans don’t speak out against Trump because of fear, but he insisted that there are more Trump administration officials who are preparing to revolt against the president.

Watch above, via CNN.

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