CNN’s Dana Bash on Trump’s Response to Hurricane Harvey: He’s Not the ‘Consoler-in-Chief’

President Donald Trump traveled to Texas today to survey the damage from Hurricane Harvey and get briefed on the recovery efforts. In multiple appearances, the president bragged about the “turnout” of hurricane victims in Corpus Christi, remarked that officials could all “congratulate each other” after the fact and seemed more concerned about money than human victims.

Following Trump’s responses, CNN correspondent Dana Bash noted that it just wasn’t in the president’s nature to express empathy for others. And that he couldn’t fill a certain role that past presidents have had to take on.

“Those of us who have covered it, and Americans who have lived it, have those moments of empathy — of the consoler-in-chief – seared in our mind,” Bash stated, highlighting moments of other presidents consoling victims of tragedies and disasters.

“That’s not who Donald Trump is,” she added while acknowledging that this is the “traditional role” for recent presidents.

“Donald Trump is not warm and fuzzy and that’s not how he sold himself,” Bash observed. “He did sell himself as a can-do guy. So, the idea that he is chomping at the bit to congratulate himself, I think that’s probably how he should be measured because that’s what he cares about, and at the end of the day that really is what matters.”

Bash is far from the only one who noticed Trump’s lack of empathy today during his trip to Texas. CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny said it was striking to him while an MSNBC panel pilloried Trump over his response.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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