CNN’s Kaitlan Collins: White House Officials Watched Betsy DeVos’ Disastrous Interviews ‘In Horror’

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins says that Trump Administration officials are extremely concerned with Betsy DeVos after how badly the Secretary of Education did in her recent media hits.

Collins was on with Jake Tapper today in order to talk about the disastrous 60 Minutes interview where DeVos seemed unprepared to answer questions about what she’s done to improve national education. Collins and Tapper both noted how DeVos has struggled with answering these types of questions before, and Collins pointed out that DeVos was struggling to answer questions about the most fundamental aspects of her department.

“This is about exactly her purview here, and she couldn’t answer those basic questions and she also contradicted herself repeatedly,” Collins said. “Even people inside the White House watched in horror as those interviews were playing out. It wasn’t just that interview last night, it was also her two interviews this morning where she couldn’t even defend the administration’s proposals on school safety.”

Since her CBS interview, DeVos has criticized 60 Minutes by going on Twitter, pointing to several charts and going on about the data “they didn’t show you” during her interview.

Watch above, via CNN.

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