CNN’s Keilar Rips GOP Arguments Against Impeachment Trial: ‘Move On,’ ‘Cancel Culture,’ and ‘The Marty McFly Defense’


CNN’s Brianna Keilar walked through 20 separate arguments Republicans have made against the impeachment trial of Donald Trump and ripped each of them, including calls to “move on,” labeling it “cancel culture,” and even what she deemed “the Marty McFly defense.”

On the idea it’s unconstitutional, Keilar noted that “most legal scholars say it is constitutional” and that if it was not allowed to conduct proceedings like these for former officials, it would incentivize presidents to engage in impeachable offenses shortly before they leave office without consequence.

She called out the idea that this is about “revenge” when “the crime scene at the Capitol is very much warm.”

Keilar called out Nikki Haley in particular joining the argument to “‘thank u, next’ a failed coup attempt” and for saying, “Give the man a break.”

She recalled how Haley used to publicly call Trump in blistering terms during the 2016 campaign, including how “Donald Trump is everything I taught my children not to do in kindergarten.”

Keilar called out others like Ted Cruz and Kevin McCarthy for their defenses of the president, including invoking the idea of unity.

“The same lawmakers who were fine with dividing the country and exacerbating tensions by encouraging or enabling or ignoring the belief of many Americans, that their votes didn’t count, and that the election was stolen, without any tangible proof,” she added.

As for the idea this would be unprecedented, as John Cornyn said, Keilar responded, “Also unprecedented that in 2021 a violent mob incited by the sitting president attacked one of the most secure buildings on the planet and attacked the very same police officers who whisked these lawmakers to safety.”

She also moved to what she described as “the Marty McFly defense”: the argument that losing an election is “punishment enough.”

“The president’s election loss November 4th is his punishment for inciting a riot on January 6th. Great Scott, that makes no sense! Remember, voters didn’t have Biff’s almanac of the future when they cast their ballots for president,” Keilar said, before ending by ripping Jim Jordan’s claim this is somehow actually “cancel culture.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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