CNN’s Phil Mudd Says Mueller Report Could Be ‘Cringeworthy’ For Trump: It May Be an ‘Access Hollywood Moment’


CNN counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd compared the release of the full Mueller report to President Donald Trump‘s Access Hollywood moment on Wednesday, one day before the report’s expected release.

Mudd’s comment was in response to host Wolf Blitzer noting a new New York Times report claiming that the DOJ has had conversations with Trump about the report.

In addition the article, Blitzer noted, contained this excerpt: “A sense of paranoia is taking hold among some of the president’s aides, some of whom fear Mr. Trump’s backlash more than the findings themselves. The people said the report might make clear which of Mr. Trump’s current and former advisers spoke to the special counsel, how much they said, and how much damage they did to Mr. Trump providing a kind of road map for presidential retaliation.”

Reacting to the New York Times report, Mudd said that it “seems so self-evident” that those around Trump may be paranoid.

“The president, as we knew when this report — when the Barr letter came out, won. He won on the issue of conspiracy. So then why the heck do you worry about the details coming out?” Mudd continued on. “The president has beaten every competitor since the Republican campaign.”

He then said this: “The only reason you would worry about the details coming out is that in a national security perspective, this is an ‘Access Hollywood’ moment. That is, the details that come out are going to be so cringeworthy, that the president and his team, who already know what the details are, are going to have to say, I have to defend myself despite the fact the top line exonerates me on the issue of conspiracy, the details are nasty.”

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