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CNN’s Piers Morgan On Russia’s World Cup Win: “Ridiculous”

The man who takes over for Larry King had hoped to see the 2018 World Cup hosted by his home country, England. (The World Cup, for those who don’t know, is that soccer tournament that’s a pretty big deal in most countries)

Piers Morgan got on the Twitter immediately after England lost its bid to host the World Cup to express his displeasure:

Morgan, whose Piers Morgan Tonight debuts on CNN in January, only recently got onboard the Twitternomenon with the intro tweet:

“BREAKING NEWS: I’m now a Twit. Official.”

And sure enough, he’s being accused of being THE Twit who crashed England’s bid:

Other World Cup watchers have been quick to place the blame elsewhere, specifically in the often-accused-of-being-dollar-greased hands of the organizing group, FIFA. Grant Wahl, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, made no bones about it:

Morgan, meanwhile, who supports English football soccer side team Arsenal, has so far had nothing to say about the U.S. losing its bid to host the 2022 World Cup.

Since we’re Twitter-stalking him, we’ll keep you posted.

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