CNN’s Smerconish Questions ‘Waste of Police Resources’ in Bob Kraft Case


(Correction below) CNN’s Michael Smerconish objected to what he called a “waste of police resources” in the charges against Patriots owner Bob Kraft for soliciting prostitution.

Kraft was one of many people busted in what police said was part of a large investigation into sex trafficking.

Smerconish argued today that prostitution should be legalized, adding, “No woman should be forced into this line of work, and anyone who would attempt to make them indentured servants should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

“But not a 77-year-old guy who lost his wife of 48 years back in 2011,” he continued. “As it is, and as I tweeted, it represents the largest waste of resources since Jussie Smollett.”

In addition to tweeting the above, Smerconish also posted a photo of the Daily News KRAFT AMERICAN SLEAZE cover and said he doesn’t really deserve this:

He brought that point up later in the show, in response to a tweet from someone saying, “I can’t believe @smerconish is defending Bob Kraft as an unwitting perp in a sex trafficking ring. Kraft chose those girls because he knows they’re voiceless and powerless.”

“How do you know they’re voiceless and powerless?” Smerconish asked. “How do you know they don’t choose that life? Look, I said very clearly at the outset of the program that if this is a case of indentured servitude, then those who put those women in that path, their employers, need to be held accountable to the highest extent of the law.”

But, holding up the Daily News cover, he asked, “Does he deserve this? Seriously, does he deserve this?”

In response to a BAN BOB headline, Smerconish asked, “Ban Bob? For a misdemeanor? 77-year-old guy who was looking for some short-term companionship? We should ban him? That’s ridiculous. And what a waste of law enforcement resources. No greater waste of law enforcement resources except Jussie Smollett’s hoax. Alleged hoax.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

CORRECTION: This post initially said that Kraft had been arrested. He was charged, not arrested, and this post has been corrected to reflect that. Mediaite regrets the error.

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