Oklahoma State Senator Found With Young Boy, May Face Prostitution Charges

Rubio Advocated to Take Money From Sex Workers and Give it to Whomever Ratted Them Out

Undercover Cops Allegedly Caught Getting ‘Happy Endings’ From Prostitutes Are Suing Everyone

FBI Finds Democratic Senator’s Name in ‘Ledger of Prostitution’

Staffer for GOP Senator Resigns After Arrest for Soliciting Prostitute

Jay Leno Awkwardly Grills Eliot Spitzer: ‘How Could You Be This Stupid?’

O’Reilly And Laura Ingraham Willing To Give Menendez ‘Benefit Of The Doubt’ Over Dominican Prostitutes

Judge Napolitano Takes On Allegations Democratic Senator Used ‘Underage Prostitutes’

Alleged ‘Hot Dog Hooker’ Serves Up Six-Minute Media Rant: ‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’

Anderson Cooper Talks Colombia, Prostitution And Kathy Griffin’s Perpetual Nudity On Letterman

To Legalize Or Not To Legalize: Bill O’Reilly Is Wrong About Prostitution

O’Reilly Asks Advocate Of Legal Prostitution: ‘Why Can’t They Get A Legitimate Job Like 99% Of The Population?’

Candy Crowley To Rep. Cummings: Does Obama’s Race Make You More Concerned About His Security Than Bush?

Fox News Strategic Analyst Rebukes Secret Service To O’Reilly: ‘Real Men Don’t Hire Hookers’

Secret Service Scandal Inspires The Five To Explore The Ethics Of Prostitution

President Obama Says He’ll Be Angry If Secret Service Allegations Are True

12 Secret Service Agents Relieved Of Duty Over Alleged Misconduct In Colombia

Ashleigh Banfield Grills Sen. David Vitter Over Hookers, Compares His Cheating To Newt Gingrich

Hannity Panelist: Obama Response To Hoffa ‘Like A Piano Player In A Whorehouse’

GLAAD Takes HuffPost To Task Over Article About Gay Students Turning To Prostitution

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