CNN’s Tapper Blasts Trump Over Repeated Super-Spreader Events: He’s Risking American Lives to Indulge His Ego


CNN’s Jake Tapper closed out State of the Union by slamming Donald Trump for continuously holding large-scale events, which have resulted in the president and others getting infected by the coronavirus.

After hammering numerous member’s of Trump’s administration for their “nakedly political steps” to aid the president’s re-election, Tapper turned to how Trump spent months holding rallies in the middle of a pandemic with little adherence to public safety guidelines.

“His need to hold these rallies apparently exceeding his concern for those attending them,” Tapper remarked.

Tapper then shifted to the death of Herman Cain, noting the connection to Trump’s rally in Tulsa and the local Covid-19 spike that followed later on. Tapper then cycled through numerous large gatherings Trump held in recent weeks, noting these could have spread the virus to numerous people throughout the country.

One of President Trump’s skills during this era has been to behave with so little regard to basic decency, those who try to uphold the standards get accused of being partisan. As if ‘don’t behave in a way that’s reckless and displays a wanton disregard for human life’ is somehow now a partisan issue. It isn’t… He has been a leader when it comes to recklessness and reckless behavior about the virus. Now he is determined apparently to risk spreading the virus literally. It’s no longer just his failure to do everything he can to respect health standards. It’s no longer that that has caused the life of loss in a tacit way through failure to act. Trump has likely become personally a vector of the disease.

Trump also slammed Dr. Sean Conley for spinning on Trump’s condition, but he remained focused on the president for “increasing the likelihood that other Americans will contract it through holding these reckless rallies.”

“The president is taking actions that could result in loss of life. And for what? To hear the crowd cheering him on?” Tapper asked. “The president is seemingly indulging ego at the risk of prolonging the pandemic and at the expense of human lives, American lives, the citizens he swore an oath to protect. It needs to stop.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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