Colbert Mocks Trump’s ‘Spygate’: He Spins Conspiracy Theories ‘To Stop The Walls From Closing In’

Stephen Colbert blasted President Trump for pushing the assertion that the FBI spied on his campaign.

Colbert began by reading the “reviews” of his “new thriller” (aka news headlines) that called Trump’s Spygate “completely insane” and a “full-blown government conspiracy.”

He refuted Trump’s name for the controversy, saying it’s more “Investigate-gate” than “Spygate” and that Trump’s name has already been used during the Valerie Plame scandal and the New England Patriots secretly videotaping the New York Jets.

The Late Show host then poked fun at the president’s following tweets, which he said “blew the lid” off the “deep state’s plan.”

“Yes, follow Trump down the rabbit hole, okay?” Colbert reacted. “They embedded a spy early on and paid him massive sums of money to sabotage the Trump campaign with false claims of Russian collusion in the press to help Hillary Clinton win. And then—and here’s the insidious part—they didn’t tell the press. And Hillary Clinton lost. So when Trump revealed this plot, he would seem like a desperate criminal spinning conspiracy theories to stop the walls from closing in! Nice try, Deep State! Nice try!”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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