Colbert Turns Frosty into a Climate-Denying Snowman With a Red MAGA Hat in Cartoon Spoof


Stephen Colbert turned Frosty the Snowman into a climate change denying snowman with a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat for his latest spoof on the beloved holiday classic.

“Frosty, we’re worried about you,” the little girl tells the snowman at the start of the cartoon.

“Is this about my drinking?” the snowman asks, giving a possible very grown-up reason for his jolly happy soul.

“No, you’re made of snow and the Earth is rapidly warming,” the little boy replies with holiday cartoon cheer.

The snowman, though, isn’t about to be snowed with the children’s climate change talk.

“Fake news! I stand with President Trump on this one. MAGA!” he replies.

“Everyone knows global warming is a huge imminent threat,” the child continues on.

A melting Frosty then calls the child a snowflake brainwashed by the “liberal media.”

As for his sweating, he says that’s just “Seasons Greetings juice.”

“Frosty the puddle,” he finally starts to sing before shouting in terror, “Where are my eyes!”

This time there was no promise to be back again some day.

It is not the first time, by the way, Colbert has turned the kiddie cartoon classic into a Trump fan. Last year, Frosty was animated by a MAGA hat and instead of beginning to dance around exclaimed “white power.”

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