Dan Abrams Deadpans: We’re Celebrating That People in Trump’s Orbit Stopped Him From Committing Crimes?


ABC chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams argued on Friday that the biggest takeaway from Robert Mueller‘s report is that President Donald Trump made repeated efforts to commit obstruction of justice.

Abrams and former New Jersey governor Chris Christie joined George Stephanopoulos to discuss why Mueller couldn’t render a decision on charging Trump with obstruction.

Abrams said Mueller was implicitly passing the baton to Congress since the Office of Legal Counsel set the precedent that no sitting president can be indicted, meaning Congress is the only body left to hold presidents accountable for such matters. Christie agreed, saying the OLC’s opinion “hamstrung” Mueller and was “the overriding reason that he just kept hands off and said ‘go elsewhere.'”

When the conversation shifted towards the Trump Administration’s lies that were exposed from Mueller’s report, Abrams called it a “damning document” for the White House while noting the multiple described incidents of attempted obstruction from Trump. Abrams biggest takeaway was the “Mueller seems to have concluded” there were multiple cases that merited further investigation.

“So this notion that this somehow clears the president and that this shows that he’s been exonerated is absurd,” Abrams said.

Christie gave props to Trump’s advisers who prevented him from committing obstruction by not carrying out his orders, and that led to Abrams remarking about the “stunning” standard that it sets for Trump.

“Think about what we’re celebrating here, we’re celebrating the fact that people in the inner circle stopped the president from doing something.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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