WATCH: Joe DiGenova Completely Flips Out On Krystal Ball For Saying Bill Barr May Have Lied


Informal Trump advisor, and frequent Fox News primetime guest, Joe DiGenova absolutely went off on Krystal Ball Thursday after The Hill TV host suggested that  William Barr may not have been completely forthcoming in his presentation of Mueller Report findings.

Ms. Ball is the former MSNBC host who now co-hosts a streaming show on The Hill with conservative co-host Buck Sexton, and she reiterated a common refrain heard from more progressive media circles that AG Barr did President Donald Trump and enormous favor by summarizing a 400-page report in the simplest and most beneficial way ever. Some have even suggested he was acting more like the personal attorney to the president and not the leader of the Department of Justice.

DiGenova took great issue with that suggestion, saying to Ball “how dare you!” complete with finger pointing. Then it all sort of went downhill from there. Which you can see above, via

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