Dem Rep. Sounds Off on Trump’s Fight With ‘Squad’: I’m ‘Extraordinarily Concerned’ About His Mental Health


House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Mike Quigley told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday that President Donald Trump‘s continued squabble with the ‘Squad’ makes him “extraordinarily” concerned about the president’s mental health.

Blitzer asked the Congressman about Trump’s ongoing feud with four freshmen Congresswomen — namely Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley also known as ‘The Squad’ —  during an interview from Capitol Hill.

“[Trump] says that he is enjoying the fight with these Progressive freshmen Democrats, and he says that your party is moving so far to the left that you are about to fall off of the cliff. How do you respond?” Blitzer asked.

Quigley replied that Trump is a “president who has divided this country and rather than unite it.”

He added: “This is not how you lead. You build coalitions to get something done.”

Then, referring to his mental health, Quigley said this: “The fact that he is enjoying this makes me extraordinary concerned about his mental health and his well-being [and] clearly, his ability to lead this country.”

Later in the interview, Quigley also made it clear that he does not think Trump is fit to lead the nation.

“I am for impeaching this president and it is not a question of whether he is fit for office, he is not,” the Democratic Congressman said when asked about why he voted against Rep. Al Green‘s failed impeachment bid.

He then added that they only have “maybe one shot” to get Trump impeached.

“We have to get right,” Quigley stressed before suggesting starting with an impeachment query is likely a more effective means of impeaching Trump.

Watch above, via CNN.

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