Diamond & Silk Rail Against Maxine Waters: ‘How Dare You Fight for Illegal Aliens’ Welfare’


During an appearance on Watters’ World Saturday night, internet personalities Diamond & Silk previewed a clip from their new movie of them knocking on Rep. Maxine Water‘s office door.

They also had this to say about Trump’s immigration policies: “When an American breaks the law, they’re given three hots and a cot behind a locked cell block – period – and they are separated from their children.”

Yet before appearing on the Fox News show, the duo was already warming up on Twitter, railing against the Democratic Congresswoman and her stance on immigration in a series of tweets.

“Maxine Waters is concerned about children living in detention centers but she’s not concerned about the American children living in tents with no running water in her own district. Shame on you Maxine for allowing the American children in your district to live worst than animals,” the pair wrote.

Then continued on: “How dare you fight for Illegal Aliens welfare but not fight for the welfare of the children that’s suffering daily in your own district. Charity starts at home. Advocate for better living conditions in the poverty-stricken district you represent and refuse to live in. Hypocrite!”

Then, in additional tweets, they called for a wall before concluding, “Maxine Waters, we are sick and tired of you.”

Waters, always a lightning rod for conservatives, recently became more of a target for Trumpians after she was called out on her controversial remarks by the president.

The last tweet by Diamond & Silk may be in reference to Waters’ speech at an immigration rally on Saturday in Los Angeles, where the Congresswoman addressed those sending her death threats and calling for her to be kicked out of Congress in wake of her remarks by saying, “if you shoot me you better shoot straight, there’s nothing like a wounded animal.”

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