‘Stuttering John’ Claims He’s ‘Not Been Arrested Yet’ After Secret Service Knocked on His Door


Stuttering John claims he just got a visit from the Secret Service but he’s not been arrested yet.

The former Howard Stern Show comedian, whose real name is John Melendez, tweeted out early Saturday morning that the Secret Service paid him a visit after his prank phone call actually got him through to President Donald Trump.

“Secret Service at my door. I guess my old friend Donald wants to continue this. Stay tuned,” he tweeted out.

In the next hours, he tweeted a barrage of tweets claiming the Secret Service was about to arrest him but left when he did not answer the door.

He then said he was at an undisclosed location.

He then said he talked to his legal team and was headed home.

In a different version of the events, Melendez told the New York Post two kids told him the Secret Service knocked on his door when he returned home.

“I got home and two kids who are my neighbors were saying, ‘Hey there were two guys in suits claiming they were from the Secret Service knocking at your door,’” Melendez told the Post on Saturday. “They showed the kids their badges.”

The comedian made headlines this week when he posted a phone call where he reportedly pranked his way all the way into a conversation with Trump on Air Force One by pretending to be Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.). He also described on MSNBC how he managed the trick, which included duping Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Yet, as the Washington Post aptly notes about the whole thing, it is “it is difficult to independently verify whether Melendez actually reached the president. The prank could be on Melendez’s listeners, not Trump. Neither the White House nor the Secret Service have returned calls to confirm Melendez’s claims about the prank call and resulting visit.”

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