Don Jr. Says Castro’s List of Trump Donors is the ‘Same Thing’ as Dayton Mass Murderer’s Rape List


Donald Trump Jr. said on Fox & Friends that Rep. Joaquin Castro’s (D-TX) list of Trump donors posted on Twitter is the “same thing” as the “kill” and “rape” lists the Dayton shooter compiled of his classmates. The comment prompted pushback from two hosts of the show.

Trump Jr. brought up Castro in his interview on the Fox News morning show Wednesday, who has been condemned for tweeting out the names of Trump’s donors in Austin, Texas.

While Castro’s list didn’t include any personal or private information of the donors — their names are publicly available — many condemned the tweet and accused the congressman of “inciting violence.”

Trump Jr. jumped on this by somehow connecting Castro’s tweet to the Dayton shooter, who reportedly once kept lists of people he wanted to kill and rape.

“I’ve seen, what’s going on with the Joaquin Castro craziness, putting out a list,” Trump Jr. said. “That list screams like the Dayton, Ohio shooter’s list, right? When a radical left-wing politician who’s polling 0% does this for either attention or a call to action, it’s pretty scary.”

“That was the same thing that the Dayton, Ohio shooter did and people should be fed up with this nonsense,” Don Jr. said.

After reading Castro’s tweet, Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt offered some push back: “He’s not necessarily saying ‘go and do something dangerous to these people,’ it’s completely different from that.”

Trump Jr. wasn’t challenged at all when he complained about the media’s “double standard” for pointing out the link between his father’s rhetoric and the El Paso shooting.

Many in media have pointed out that Trump’s rhetoric about immigrants was used by the suspected El Paso shooter in his racist, anti-immigration manifesto, before he allegedly killed 22 people. The Dayton shooter, as Don Jr. pointed out, expressed leftist political views on his social media pages, though police have not said politics was the motive for his shooting, which left nine dead.

At the end of the segment, Fox News host Steve Doocy emphasized: “To reiterate, the hit list from the guy from Dayton, that was a kill list, the Castro list was a list of donors.”

“Correct, but I think the fact that we’re making lists of our political enemies, and trying to create that narrative, is scary,” Trump Jr. said.

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