Don Jr. Tears Into ‘Leftist Veteran’ Alex Vindman for Testifying Against His Father


Donald Trump Jr. claimed that Alexander Vindman is a “leftist” as he railed against the official in his father’s National Security Council for the testimony he gave in the impeachment inquiry.

During Trump Jr.’s interview with Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy went with the very pressing inquiry, quoting from Tom Brokaw, who said Democrats don’t have “the goods” on Trump “with the same kind of clarity” they did when Richard Nixon was president.

“That brings up the question: why are they doing it?” Doocy asked. Trump responded “there’s no there there” before attacking Vindman in earnest.

“They do usual thing, they bring in another guy that they believe is beyond reproach. Like they did with Mueller,” Trump said. “It was a joke. So now they’ll do it with this guy…Now it turns out he’s talking to the Ukraine or he wanted to edit [the] transcript.”

Brian Kilmeade threw Trump a segue by asking “did they give Michael Flynn that type of deference?” That led to the president’s son invoking the recent dispute between Hillary Clinton and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

“You only get total absolution if you are a leftist veteran,” Trump said. “Not a veteran, just a leftist. If you’re on their side, you can do no wrong.”

“But we don’t know if he’s a leftist,” Kilmeade offered, to which Trump responded “Oh yeah, of course. Sure.”

Regardless of the Trump son’s attacks, the lieutenant colonel testified to Congress about his concerns with Donald Trump’s infamous call with the Ukrainian president. Vindman also reportedly expressed concerns about the White House omitting key details from the incomplete transcript of the call.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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