Ex-CIA Chief Brennan: I Think World Leaders Realize Trump’s ‘Out of His Depth’ and Even ‘Delusional’


Following the G7 summit, former CIA Director John Brennan spoke with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tonight and said world leaders must be privately troubled by President Donald Trump‘s rhetoric and behavior.

Trump has said he thinks Russia should be invited back into the group of nations. Brennan said, “It just shows that Donald Trump still does not grasp the seriousness of what it is that Putin has done… It’s still rather puzzling as to why Donald Trump continues to give Putin the benefit of the doubt when, in fact, he should be coming down pretty hard on the Russian leader.”

Hayes asked how world leaders and intelligence services have adapted to Trump and his style in the past few years.

“Absolutely. I think a lot of the leaders have written off what he says publicly,” Brennan said. “Also I’m very concerned given his public dishonesty, what dishonesty is he engaged in in these private meetings with world leaders, with the allies of countries that we have worked with so hard for so long. What is he telling them? But I think they realize that he is way, way out of his depth, that he is incompetent, but also that he is somewhat delusional as far as how he views the world and his inability to grasp the reality of the geo-strategic situation around the globe today.”

He added that they’re “trying to be as respectful as they can” and admitted, “Some days I really miss being in the intelligence business, because I would love to find out what it is that these leaders are saying behind the scenes to themselves about Mr. Trump. I can just imagine. And, unfortunately, I think it’s something that we as Americans should be very, very concerned about.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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