Ex-DNC Chair Donna Brazile Stresses Importance of Getting Iowa Count Right: Don’t Want People Saying Process Was Rigged


With the caucus cacophony in Iowa tonight, Fox News brought on a former Democratic party chair to just straight-up ask what the hell is going on.

Donna Brazile told Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, “They are using the old hotline system where you call in the results. Just make sure everything is accurate.”

Bret Baier noted there’s an apparent problem with an app that was being used. Brazile said they’re just “doing it the old-fashioned way to ensure accuracy” and that they probably won’t know the count for another hour for “not just transparency but accuracy.”

As the panel continued the discussion, Kristen Soltis Anderson was baffled that at 10:47 pm ET, “The fact we are at this late in the night with no data, data is my world. The fact that we have almost no data to work with is befuddling and mind-boggling.”

“The decision desk is pulling their hair out,” Baier said.

MacCallum read another statement from the Iowa Democrats saying there is a delay due to quality checks.

Brazile said, “I was here in 2012 covering the Republicans. That night, we all left here thinking Mitt Romney was to win and we learn later — you talk about momentum matters. It matters that we get this right. I spent a lot of time in those rules and bylaws committees setting up this procedure, which I have done now for more than five cycles. We want to get it accurate. Because if we don’t get it accurate, somebody’s going to complain tomorrow that they were rigged up or something happened.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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