Former Bernie Campaign Manager Rips Into Trump on Fox & Friends: He Has Turned WH Into a ‘Cesspool’


Former Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver appeared on Fox & Friends today, and he locked horns with Brian Kilmeade over why Donald Trump‘s presidency isn’t as great as the program makes it out to be.

The two began by discussing Sanders’ impact on the 2016 election and the possible connotations for the upcoming midterm elections throughout the country. As Kilmeade moved the conversation towards Trump’s rising poll numbers and his recent political wins, Weaver reminded him, along with the Fox News audience, that the president has a knack for getting wrapped up in scandals and shooting himself in the foot.

“You can count on this president to muck it up again. That White House is in such disarray. There is so much dysfunction there, you read the story saying everybody is feeding on everybody else…That is really administration in disarray. He may have a good week now and then in terms of one issue or another, but in the long term, it is not going well.”

Kilmeade countered with Trump’s endeavors with Iran and North Korea, but Weaver retorted that Trump is currently trying to save Chinese company ZTE after all his talk about China stealing American jobs.

“He can talk about trade, but that is a loser, I have to tell you,” Weaver said. “The truth of the matter the guy who promised to drain the swamp turned the White House into a cesspool run by corporate insiders…We can’t deal with Iran but somehow the president will magically deal with North Korea? You know it is craziness over there.”

He also jabbed at Trump’s insistence that the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem was built at a dramatically-reduced price.

“There’s no way you build an embassy for $400,000.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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