Fox & Friends Opens Show With Fox News Alert: Honduran Migrants Have Entered Mexico!


Fox & Friends opened Friday’s show with breaking news: Honduran migrants have crossed the Mexico border. That’s right, there is a new caravan of migrants assembling on the Honduran-Mexico border and are traveling by foot towards the U.S. border.

Reporter Griff Jenkins reported from Guatemala on Thursday and today finds himself reporting from Ciudad Hildago, Mexico letting Fox & Friends hosts and viewers know that “this is a significant development” that more Central American people are coming to the United States to seek a better life, ostensibly underlining the need for the much-debated (and ill-defined) border wall that has led to the current month-long government shutdown.

Meanwhile, competitors like CNN’s New Day and MSNBC’s Morning Joe led with the well-sourced Buzzfeed News bombshell report that Michael Cohen was directed by President Donald Trump to lie to Congress about Trump Organization discussions with Russia over a Trump Tower Moscow.

The suborning of perjury to Congress is a federal felony, but the report that the commander in chief reportedly obstructed justice in such a clear manner was not a story that Fox & Friends producers decided to lead with.

UPDATE: Fox & Friends did end up covering the BuzzFeed report on Friday.

Watch above via Fox News.

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