Fox & Friends Pile On Joy Reid For Claiming Old Blog Was Hacked: ‘Talk About Fake News’

The hosts of Fox & Friends took shots at MSNBC host Joy Reid over the ongoing controversy surrounding her now-defunct blog.

Abby Huntsman began by showing the screenshot of Reid’s blog depicting Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) as the Virginia Tech shooter and mentioning how she and NBC previously had asked the FBI to look into her allegedly-hacked blog and how the investigation “seemed to have crumbled.”

“So they’re spending taxpayer money in order to bail her out initially,” Ed Henry told viewers. “She was attacking homosexuals in some of her blog posts, all kinds of ridiculous-”

“9/11 truther!” Pete Hegseth exclaimed. “I mean, there was 9/11 truther stuff!”

“To defender herself at first, she said ‘I was hacked!’ Maybe the Russian hackers did it. Maybe it was Putin,'” Henry continued. “And so they called in the FBI, NBC backed her up on that having the FBI investigate this. So your taxpayer money has been spent- we don’t know how much, has been spent investigating whether she was hacked. Now she’s saying ‘Oh okay, actually I did it.'”

“I mean, talk about fake news,” Hegseth reacted.

Hegseth said that “apologies are good” and echoed Tucker Carlson‘s sentiment last night, which was “what’s the punishment for perpetuating a hoax?”

“It’s not okay to yell a fire when there isn’t a fire! Or ‘I was hacked’ when you knew you weren’t hacked,” Hegseth said. “Listen, if you had a position you said terrible things in the past, own it and be how are today. If you were fooled by a hoax that 9/11 was inside job, if you did terrible things about John McCain- that was you in the past. Own that, defend that, be fair about that. Don’t lie to us.”

He then slammed MSNBC’s defense of Reid, saying “if you’re a liberal, you get to apologized” and “if you’re a conservative, you get fired.”

“Listen, I shouldn’t do this, but you can read what I wrote in college,” Hegseth blurted out. “I was an editor and publisher.”

“Oh,” Henry chuckled.

“Now you’re opening a can of worms!” Huntsman warned her co-host.

“Go for it! Go for it!” Hegseth challenged viewers, insisting he never wrote anything “terrible” but still expressed empathy for Reid.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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