Fox and Friends

Stelter Chastises Guest For Calling Fox and Friends ‘Idiots’: ‘Why the Name Calling?’

Rand Paul Dismisses Trump-GOP Rift: ‘This is a People Magazine Saga’

Rand Paul Suggests Democrats Gave Clinton Campaign Emails to Wikileaks

Trump Loyalists Calling Sen. Corker ‘Irresponsible’ For Ongoing Feud Are More Irresponsible

Brian Stelter Comes Up With New Name For Fox and Friends: ‘Trump and Friends’

Pickle to Fox and Friends: I Wrote to Trump Because ‘I Wanted Him to Be My Friend’

Lewandowski: Russian Meddling Issue ‘Officially Dead’ Because Putin Said He Didn’t Do It

Eric Trump Touts U.S. Economic Progress: ‘Look at the Lines in Home Depot’

Brian Kilmeade Blasts Shakespeare Protestors: ‘I Don’t Think You Should Be Rushing the Stage, Period’

Kilmeade Challenges Sekulow: ‘You’re His Lawyer, Why Wouldn’t You Tell Him’ To Stay Off Twitter?

Kellyanne Conway Hints MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Should Be Fired: ‘Does He Have a Job Today?’

Geraldo Smacks Down Fox & Friends on Climate Change: ‘Do You Want Your Kid to Live in A Gas Mask?!’

Fox Guest: Earth Will ‘Shrug Off Your SUV’ Like It Has For ‘Thousands of Years’

Watch Fox & Friends Emotionally Announce the Passing of Fox News Founder Roger Ailes

’Fake News’ vs Fox News: Jimmy Kimmel Guides Viewers On How to Tell the Difference

‘Sanitizing History’: Condoleezza Rice Slams Attempts to Remove Slave Owners’ Monuments

Frequent Fox Business ‘Expert’ Arrested for Felony Fraud and Embezzlement

‘Total Failure’: Trump Slams Obama Foreign Policy in New Tweet

Chris Christie on United: ‘The Attitude of That Airline is Awful’

Trump Tweet Praises ‘Amazing Reporting’ by Fox and Friends on ‘Crooked Scheme’

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