Tucker Carlson Asks: Will NBC Pay Back Taxpayers for FBI Probe of Joy Reid’s ‘Hacked’ Blog?


Tucker Carlson took some swipes at Joy Reid and NBC News over their handling her years-old controversial blog posts that have surfaced in recent weeks.

Carlson had some fun at Reid’s expense this week, particularly with her blog posts that took a hard stance against immigration, saying immigrants were taking too many jobs and even called Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs as her “ideological twin” on immigration. He told his viewers that he expected Reid to blame the recently-discovered posts, including the ones that pushed 9/11 conspiracy theories and smeared Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), on hackers like she had previously, but to his surprise, she owned up to them.

“This time she admitted the truth and said she’s sorry, so good for her!” Carlson reacted. “It’s better not to lie so much, but there’s still at least one outstanding question here, a question that hangs in the air. Whatever happened to that FBI investigation that Joy Reid and NBC News ordered up when they were still pretending the blog posts weren’t real and were committed maybe by Vladimir Putin? Is that FBI investigation still going? What’s the penalty for using federal law enforcement to perpetuate a hoax? And how much did it cost? And Is NBC News going to pay back American taxpayers?”

The Fox News host went on to say that most people are “decent and forgiving” and that it’s “okay” for a network to stand behind its host, but it’s “not okay” to “waste our time and the resources of the federal government.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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