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Abby Huntsman

Fox News’ Kevin Jackson on DNC Debt: ‘The Black Man Leaves Them With No Money’

Abby Huntsman Fails To Bring Up Russian Interference in Interview With Russian Ambassador

Fox & Friends Turns Emotional as Guests Bond Over ‘Morally Bankrupt’ Trump

Harris Faulkner Scolds Trump Critics After Speech: ‘They Don’t Care About Americans’

Fox & Friends Bravely Uncovers the Media’s Unfair Treatment of Melania Trump

‘It’s Treasonous’: Outnumbered Rips Leakers Over Trump’s Phone Calls With Mexico, Australia

Pickle to Fox and Friends: I Wrote to Trump Because ‘I Wanted Him to Be My Friend’

Fox News Host Abby Huntsman Apologizes On-Air for Baseless Report on Food Stamp Fraud

Abby Huntsman Joining Fox & Friends Weekend as Co-Host

Man on Fox Berates ‘Racist’ Obama: ‘He Defended Every Black Person That Caused a Crime’

Alex Wagner’s Facepalm Farewell Speech to Now Shows What Nepotism Can Buy

No, Scott Walker Did Not Announce Campaign to ‘We Want Trump’ Chant

MSNBC Touting Black Audience Numbers Again Illustrates Network’s Obsession with Race

Alex Jones Wants to ‘Literally Beat the Hell Out of’ Piers Morgan

Rick Perry: Wendy Davis’ Election ‘Never Going to Happen’

‘We’re Dancing on Deck of the Titanic’: Touré Kills Co-Hosts’ Snow Buzz with ‘Heavy’ Climate Change Rant

MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Sees Sexism in Oscars’ Separate Best Actor and Actress Categories

Punish Phil Robertson but Defraud Amazon: The Dubious Ethics of the Left

The Cycle Explodes When Touré Insists Obama Knows the Senate Is Not in Play in 2014

Abby Huntsman Savages ‘High School Gossip’ in Mark Halperin, John Heilemann’s Double Down

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