Abby Huntsman

The View Battles Over Kavanaugh: GOP Won’t Blow Their ‘Chance of a Lifetime’ to Overturn Roe

The View Clashes Over Kavanaugh Allegations: Timing of Letter is ‘Very Political’

The View Tears Into Tucker Carlson for Avenatti Interview: The Whole of Fox News Was a ‘Sleaze Factory!’

WATCH: Norm MacDonald Explains #MeToo, Down Syndrome Comments in Strange View Segment

Abby Huntsman Clashes With View Colleagues on Puerto Rico: ‘Unfair’ to Compare Trump to Dictators

The View’s Audience, Hosts Erupt in Cheers After Playing Kaepernick Nike Ad: ‘YES!’

ABC Makes it Official: Abby Huntsman to Join The View Starting Sept. 4

Fox & Friends Bids Tearful Farewell to Departing Host Abby Huntsman

EXCLUSIVE: Abby Huntsman Leaving Fox News for The View

Fox and Friends Dismisses Trump’s ‘Enemy of the People’ Media War: He’s Simply Pointing Out a Double Standard

Fox & Friends Trashes LeBron James For Criticizing Trump in CNN Interview: ‘So Divisive’

Fox & Friends Weekend Hosts’ Advice to GOP Candidates: You Should Be ‘Aggressively’ Supporting Trump

Abby Huntsman Reportedly Set to Exit Fox News, Potentially Join The View

Fox News’ Abby Huntsman: Of Course People ‘Furious’ WH Even Considered Handing Americans Over to Putin

Jeanine Pirro Defends Trump Against Summit Criticism: ‘What Was He Supposed to Do? Take Out a Gun and Shoot Putin?’

Fox & Friends Host Scorches Trump Presser: Threw His ‘Own People and Country Under The Bus’

Outnumbered Gets Heated Over Calls to Abolish ICE: It’s Not the ‘Majority of Democrats’!

Fox & Friends Defends Sarah Sanders, Slams Restaurant: ‘The Left Has Gone and Lost Their Mind!’

Fox News’ Outnumbered Criticizes Melania For Controversial Jacket: ‘It Has to Be Contrived’

Oh. Fox News Host Calls Trump-Kim Summit a Meeting of ‘Two Dictators’

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