Fox & Friends: Poll Showing 51% in Favor of Removing Trump from Office is Bad News … for Joe Biden


Fox & Friends opened Thursday’s show by reporting on damning new poll numbers that suggest President Donald Trump’s political future is waning but immediately pivoted to what seemed a bigger story: how impeachment negatively affects Joe Biden’s political future. Huh?

Fox News has released a new poll that indicates a record-high number of America now in favor of impeaching and removing Trump from office. 51% of those polled said that they were in favor of ousting Trump from the White House, which is a sharp rise from 42% in a July poll that asked the same question.

Fox News Reporter Griff Jenkins noted how Biden announced his support of the impeachment of Trump before revealing what can only be depressing poll numbers for Fox & Friends viewers in full support of Trump. The conversation that followed seemed to neatly overlook how a majority of Americans want Trump removed from the White House, before focusing on how this is bad news for Biden.

Guest co-host Ed Henry first suggested that the poll numbers didn’t pose a serious threat to Trump because only 13% of Republicans polled were in support of impeachment and office removal, which means that GOP Senators will not feel intraparty political pressure.

But the broader sentiment of the segment was expressed by a comment made by Marc Thiessen Wednesday night. The conservative columnist said “Joe Biden comes out and endorses impeachment today. The problem is its bad news for him. The last thing he should want is impeachment inquiry. If there is going to be an investigation into the president there will be one into Biden. They see him as in the way is he complicating the story.”

Henry followed that by noting “one of the things here is that the president and his attorney Rudy Giuliani, one of their goals was to get the Hunter Biden information out there, get it in the bloodstream and point out that Biden may have big problems and, guess what, in the democratic primary he does have big problems.”

Ainsley Earhardt followed with “people are looking at him saying is he going to endorse impeachment because that means investigations on his son.”

Wath above Fox News.

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