Fox & Friends Spends 78 Solid Seconds Complimenting Michelle Obama


The hosts of Fox & Friends bucked their own network’s history by spending almost a minute-and-a-half being nice about former First Lady Michelle Obama‘s surprise appearance at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards.

On Monday morning’s episode of Curvy Couch Theatre, co-host Steve Doocy noted that “Last night, they had the big Grammy awards, and there was a surprise toward the beginning of the show. Yes indeed, that is former First Lady Michelle Obama.”

The show then played some clips from Mrs. Obama’s guest appearance, after which co-host Brian Kilmeade praised the former first lady.

“Michelle Obama got huge applause, they had to stop the whole night, you know, for like 15-20 seconds you couldn’t even go through it, which is a tribute to her,” Kilmeade said.

“Her book is also number one, leaving a lot of people including the Drudge Report today, the lead story, is she getting set to run?” Kilmeade continued. “Although she has been very emphatic, ‘I don’t even like politics, oh, my husband dragged me into this, I’m not running.’ But that is somebody that is, she is somebody still extremely popular.”

Granted, 33 of those 78 seconds were comprised of the Michelle Obama clip itself, but the Friends‘ unqualified praise marks significant progress when personalities on the network derided her as everything from a “baby mama” to a “terrorist fist jab” aficionado. Recently, Ed Henry made a crack about her arms while introducing an attack on her boots:

Perhaps this marks a new day for Fox News and Michelle Obama. Or at the very least, a new minute.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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