Fox Guest Says NYT’s Sarah Jeong is ‘Crazy-nese’: Something Wrong With ‘Fortune Cookies Ling Ling is Eating’


A Watters World segment with comedian Terrence K. Williams was abruptly cut off when the Fox New guest made a racist joke.

The conversation was centered around Sarah Jeong, a new New York Times editorial board member who has been the center of the controversy since after just being hired, old tweets were uncovered, causing some to accuse her to be racist against white people.

Speaking of Jeong, Williams said this: “That is a nasty woman. So, of course, the nasty New York Times would hire her. But would they hire Roseanne? No. And I would tell people not to read the New York Times, but it’s too late, nobody reads it anyway,” he said, prompting a laugh from host Jesse Watters.

He continued on: “I don’t know if this lady is Chinese, Japanese or crazy-nese…They are a bunch of hypocrites.”

Watters then noted that the New York Times defended Jeong by saying she was being harassed by racists and responded by “imitating the rhetoric of their harassers.”

He then asked Williams if that made sense.

“That don’t make no sense…There is something wrong with them fortune cookies that Ling Ling’s eating..”

“I think you now have gotten yourself in trouble,” Watters replied with a laugh, cutting off the interview for a break.

Watch above, via Fox News

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