Fox News Anchor Bill Hemmer Argues Against Election Security Bills: ‘What Are We Vulnerable About?’

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer defended Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s decision to block several election security measures, asking “What are we vulnerable about?” and declaring that “The point is they [the Russians] didn’t succeed” at changing votes.

On Tuesday’s edition of America’s Newsroom, Hemmer and co-host Sandra Smith conducted a panel on the flak that McConnell is taking over the election security issue.

Hemmer played devil’s advocate at first, pointing out that the bill in question “got one Republican vote in the house, and McConnell said ‘What, you want me to bring this up now?’ And I think it was Justin Amash from Michigan, who is leaving her Republican party, who voted for it.”

“What Mitch McConnell is worried about is that he has not supported any election security legislation, and the Democrats are going to continue to make this an issue,” panelist A.B. Stoddard said, but Hemmer cut her off.

“Hang on, hang on, hang on, Republicans argue they’ve provided $380 million to states for election security efforts, and McConnell’s making the case that ultimately it comes down to the states.”

Stoddard continued by saying that while McConnell’s seat is likely safe, “he has a bunch of members who are in states where they could be vulnerable in a high turnout year.”

“This is an issue because it is not made up, it had nothing to do with collusion, it’s election security that the Democrats are going to continue to press and try to educate,” she continued. “A bipartisan report just came out of the Senate Intelligence Committee the day that he was doing this, and it bolsters a claim that we are not ready for the election next year, that we are not protected, that we are woefully vulnerable, and this is what Mueller said, this is what Chris Wray, the director of the FBI said.”

“And so it is a vulnerability, not just Mitch McConnell, but for his entire Republican majority,” Stoddard said, as Hemmer cut in again.

“What are we vulnerable about?” Hemmer said. “Hang on, hang on. Please. Every report says no votes were changed, that’s what the Senate report says.”

The report also has an entire section entitled “Ongoing Vulnerabilities.”

As Stoddard tried to answer, Hemmer declared “The point is, they did not succeed.”

“But what about next year?” Stoddard asked, adding “They are perfecting their active measures.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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