Fox News Host Interviews Congressman Using Clips of Rush Limbaugh Touting Russia Conspiracy Theory


Viewers of Sandra Smith‘s Fox News interview with Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) on Tuesday morning might have noticed something odd. The anchor used several clips of right wing radio host Rush Limbaugh to ask the Freedom Caucus member questions about the Russia investigation.

“Rush Limbaugh now claims that [George] Papadopoulos was targeted, set up and entrapped by the FBI,” Smith declared, before playing a clip of Limbaugh, who in his latest diatribe against the Russia probe theorized it is “all Trumped up.”

“None of it is real,” Limbaugh said. “All of it was made up…This whole investigation is more fake and more phony, more connived than you can possibly imagine.”

Fox News hosts Smith and Bill Hemmer had already promoted the Limbaugh clips a number of times throughout Tuesday morning (four times, by my count) before introducing Biggs to comment.

“What do you think of that theory?” Smith asked of the completely baseless conspiracy theory. “That this was just all a set up from the beginning?”

Biggs noted that while Americans “love conspiracy theories,” this one is “real,” before explaining the many threads of deep state corruption.

“This is the scandal of our lifetime,” Biggs added.

“Wow,” Smith replied. “Rush Limbaugh went further in this theory, gave more detail as to why he believes that this whole thing was a set up. Listen.”

Smith then played another clip of Limbaugh explaining his (loony) theory that when Papadopoulos, then a Trump campaign adviser, drunkenly blabbed to an Australian diplomat — which launched the FBI inquiry — he was actually being set up.

“Congressman?” Smith asked after playing the clip.

“That’s why we’re looking at it so assiduously in the House,” Biggs replied. “I think we all know, as we look at it, that this was a set-up, that this was being done for political purposes.”

Biggs, after some urging from Smith to provide a solution to the Russia probe, replied that “we’re going to have to clean house” at the FBI and Department of Justice.

Watch Rush Limbaugh’s show the Fox News clip above.

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