Fox News’ Napolitano: Bill Barr’s in a No-Win Situation Over Expected Redactions to Mueller Report

Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano said this afternoon that Attorney General Bill Barr is basically in a no-win situation over the redactions being made to the Mueller report––expected to be released Thursday.

Neil Cavuto noted how a lot of the report could ultimately be blacked out. Napolitano agreed that “blackout equals freakout.”

“The more of that is blacked out, the less credibility this will have,” he said, “and that puts the attorney general in a conundrum, because much of what he will black out he is not at liberty to reveal. But where there is wiggle room––if he errs on the side of blacking out, he’s going to be embarrassed once that’s revealed.”

At one point Cavuto remarked that the AG is in a “no-win situation.”

Napolitano agreed and said there’s certainly a lot of sensitive information in the report. Grand jury testimony, classified matters, and ongoing investigations, for example, would be redacted, he added.

Cavuto asked whether Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller or his team would weigh in and say they redacted too much.

Napolitano said he doesn’t know and added that maybe they’re involved in the redactions.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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