Fox News Panel Explodes Over ‘Civic Chaos’: Sorry About Dershowitz But ‘People are Dying Because of Right-Wing Violence’


A Fox News panel got heated on Saturday night.

Judge Jeanine Pirro pitted David Avella, GOPAC chair, against Democratic commentator Chris Hahn and predictably the fireworks started flying.

The conversation started with President Donald Trump calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” but really got heated when Avella brought up “civic chaos.”

“Chris’s team should continue to promote civic chaos,” Avella said, noting that, in his opinion, when Democrats push “civic chaos” Republicans win elections.

“Civic chaos was what happened in Charlottesville when a right-wing nut drove his car into a crowd and killed somebody,” Hahn countered, stressing that when people protest and stand up for what they think it is “civic engagement,” not “civic chaos.”

“It’s good for American to have civic engagement,” he added.

Avella then pointed out the guy who got his MAGA hat taken off as an example of “civic chaos.”

Hahn was not having it.

“That’s worse than the woman who died in Charlottesville, right?” Hahn countered.

Hahn wasn’t done yet.

“Then, the president said there were fine people on both sides there,” he continued on. “So let’s talk about civic chaos.  Let’s put it in perspective. I’m sorry Alan Dershowitz got disinvited from a barbeque on Martha’s Vineyard. But there are people dying because of right-wing violence.”

Avella then claimed that people were dying because illegal aliens were coming over the border and “killing innocent Americans” prompting another round of debate.

Watch above, via Fox News

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