Fox News’ Steve Hilton: We Have to ‘Draw a Line Between Populism and Racism’

Fox News’ Steve Hilton last night talked at some length about “positive populism” that rejects racism and bigotry.

Given the Charlottesville anniversary this past weekend, Hilton made this comments on last night’s The Next Revolution:

“If we want to build a successful movement for positive populism, one that fights the failures of elitism and finally prioritizes the interest of working Americans, we must draw a line between populism and racism. Between populism and xenophobia. Between populism and white supremacy, of course. But also between populism and white superiority, which is subtly different but equally unacceptable. Populism is about lifting up working people. Its central message is power to the people. And that applies regardless of skin color.”

“I’m an immigrant here with Hungarian roots and a British background. I happen to be white,” he continued. “That doesn’t make me any better that an immigrant from Guatemala or India or Vietnam. The important difference between me and many other immigrants is not my skin color, it’s that I arrived here with connections and resources. So I’ve been given every opportunity to live the American dream. Populists want that for all Americans, wherever you came from and however long you have been here.”

And Hilton even explicitly said, “If there comes a time when white people are no longer the majority in America, as long as immigration is controlled and as long as immigration is a company by integration so everyone here signs up for America’s laws and values, it’s not something to fear or fight.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter noted earlier today that it seemed to be an implicit rebuke of Laura Ingraham‘s recent commentary.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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