Fox News Sunday Debates Whether Nancy Pelosi Is Like Winston Churchill


Nancy Pelosi‘s announcement that she intends to run for Minority Leader in the House appears to have caught many people — many of whom thought she’s go quietly into the midterm defeat — off guard. On Fox News Sunday today Eric Cantor, forthcoming Majority Leader, told Chris Wallace he thinks the decision is an insult to the voters. Later in the same show Mara Liasson said she thought Pelosi was a modern day Winston Churchill. Really. Here’s how the exchange went down.

Juan Williams: Nancy Pelosi’s an effective leader, she’s been able to wrangle all the Democrats, to keep them in line…but you can’t say she’s not an effective leader. And let me tell you, in terms of fundraising for Democrats only Barack Obama exceeds Nancy Pelosi’s ability to stir Democrats.

Bill Kristol: She’s been very effective at diminishing the number of Democrats in a historic way in the House of Representatives.

Mara Liasson: Nancy Pelosi did two things for which she will go down in history: She was an incredibly effective majority leader and Speaker when there was a opposition president. And when she was in the majority she was the hammer that got through President Obama’s agenda. However that’s a completely different role from what she wants to do now. In which I think, she’s kind of like Winston Churchill, she accomplished historic things for the Democrats and they should be sending her off in a blaze of glory and adjusting for a new regime.

You will perhaps not be shocked to hear that Brit Hume was not on board with this comparison. Chris Wallace, meanwhile, closed out the segment thusly: “You know I have to say when I was envisioning this panel it never occurred to me that we’d be in an argument about whether Nancy Pelosi was or wasn’t like Winston Churchill.” Indeed. Watch below.

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