Fox’s Chris Wallace: ‘The Vast Majority of Democratic Leaders’ Don’t Support Defunding the Police


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace noted Monday that the “defund the police” movement might be a popular rallying cry among those protesting the death of George Floyd, but it hasn’t caught on with most of the Democratic Party’s top leaders.

Wallace joined Sandra Smith on Monday to talk about how Democrats continue to debate whether the police should literally be defunded, or if law enforcement needs to be reformed throughout the country. He began by complimenting the dignity of the Floyd family in the aftermath of George’s death, and he said “I think everyone would do well to listen” to their opinion on what must be changed.

“The defund police thing is certainly a call from protestors and people on the left-wing… But it isn’t just Joe Biden. The vast majority of Democratic Leaders in this country are not supporting that,” said Wallace. “They are not talking about defund police… I think the vast majority of the party doesn’t want to go that far.”

Wallace went on to say that most Democrats don’t support the “defund” push because they realize its “too extreme” for most of the country to support. He made his point by referring to an interview he conducted with Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman Karen Bass (D-CA), who placed greater focus on debating police reform proposals.

“I think that she is very much in the moderate mainstream of the Democratic Party. It’s further to the left and wants to do more than Republicans but she is very interested in compromise,” said Wallace. “I get the sense she is pretty optimistic, and after talking to her, I am pretty optimistic that they will get something through it. It’ll be too much for some people and not enough for others, but that is the nature of the legislative process.”

Wallace’s commentary comes the morning after the New York Times published a profile on the anchor, in which he spoke about his role in the media and how he reacts to the often pro-Trump messaging of Fox’s opinion side.

“Look, I work at Fox. Do I agree with some of the stuff I hear? Absolutely not,” Wallace said. “I have decided that what matters to me is what I am allowed to do…I don’t pull punches, I’m not playing favorites. That’s what matters ultimately to me.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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