Fox’s Gutfeld Calls Out Co-Host Bolling: Don’t Be a Trump ‘Apologist’

bolling gutfeldFox’s Greg Gutfeld is getting tired of Donald Trump‘s shtick––as evidenced by his comments on-air this week and his Breitbart column today––but as he said on The Five today, he’s also “getting tired of people recasting intelligent criticism” of Trump as “bashing.”

And when asked or specifics, Gutfeld called out his own co-host Eric Bolling.

Bolling, of course, objected to Gutfeld’s assertion, but at the same time he did maintain that there are pundits like Charles Krauthammer and Karl Rove that do “bash” Trump.

But it was when Bolling said Republicans “should be criticizing the other side” that Gutfeld called out his double standards:

“You were okay when Ted Cruz was criticizing Republicans, when Rand Paul was criticizing Republicans, and when Donald Trump was criticizing Republicans! But when you criticize Trump, you call it bashing?”

He added, “Criticism is valuable to the party. But when you recast criticism as bashing, what you’re doing is you’re becoming an apologist.”

Dana Perino had called Bolling out weeks ago for defending Trump, even calling his ethics into question.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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