Fox’s Napolitano: Trump is Right About Bias in Social Media, But Wrong to Say Twitter Can’t Fact Check Him


Fox News’ senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano accused Twitter of bias against conservatives, but explained that the site has the legal right to call out misinformation in President Donald Trump’s tweets.

Napolitano joined Sandra Smith on America’s Newsroom to talk about Trump’s threat to shut down Twitter in retaliation for their fact-check on his false mail-in voting claims. When asked if Twitter can do this, Napolitano replied, “the short answer is yes,” before launching into his broader critiques of the social media platform.

“The longer answer is the president is right about the bias in social media, and the president is also understandably not happy about his about has been fact-checked. Nobody would,” Napolitano said. “The First Amendment, which guarantees the freedom of speech and of the press since it only regulates the government, does not regulate Twitter. Twitter can take down, modify or correct any user it wants, including the president of the United States.”

As Napolitano expressed skepticism for Trump’s threat to put Twitter out of business, he noted that “under a Supreme Court opinion that the president likes, Citizens United, Twitter has freedom of speech just like you and I and the president himself.” In terms of Trump’s defenders calling the fact-check “political interference,” he said that “just as [Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale] and the president have the right to say what they want about Twitter, Twitter has the same right to say what they want about the president, even if they are disguising it in the aura of ‘we are correcting an error because we’re worried people might not vote if they follow what you suggested to them about the defects of voting by mail.”

“The president can say what he wants about Twitter and they can say what they want about him,” Napolitano said, in summation. He also warned that Twitter “will lose a lot of credibility” if they fact-check Trump but not Joe Biden or other people on the platform.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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