Fox’s Stuart Varney on Jussie Smollett’s Case Dismissal: ‘The Judicial System Has Been Raped’


Fox Business host Stuart Varney is not one to mince words in his analysis, which he proved during a Wednesday morning discussion with Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano over the dismissal of all charges related to Jussie Smollett’s curious case.

Varney expressed at how appalled he was at recent news, before adding that in his opinion, “the judicial system has been raped.”

The comment came during a discussion in which Napolitano explained the legal ramifications surrounding the sudden dismissal of prosecutorial charges against Smollett, who had been alleged to have engineered a hoax about being a victim of a hate crime ostensibly by Trump supporters. Chicago PD and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have all been vocal critics of this recent development, of which there are few clear answers as to why things went the way the did.

The “raping” of the judicial system in this instance may be an apt metaphor for some, but others may see it as an insensitive term to describe a still fluid story. Either way, one can bet there will be more outrage to come, one way or another.

Watch above via Fox Business Network.

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