Fox’s Trish Regan Dumps on GOP Tax Bill: ‘Founding Fathers Never Anticipated a Swamp’ Like One Today


Unlike her compatriots at Fox News, many of whom have been almost giddy about the GOP’s forthcoming tax bill, Trish Regan at Fox Business Network has consistently classified the bill as a gift to corporations at the expense of the individual.

On the eve of a finalized version of the bill being pushed through both chambers of Congress, Reagan took another opportunity to dump on the legislation.

“It’s great for corporations, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” she said. “And it’s also great for a lot of fat cat private equity investors and there is something wrong with that.”

Regan noted that Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Scharzman, who makes $400 million a year, will be placed in a lower tax bracket than a “New York City cop,” once this bill becomes law.

“It’s because he calls his income investment,” she explained. “The president promised to fix this, remember?”

“Those private equity fat cats get away with paying investment taxes instead of income taxes and that is just wrong. So why doesn’t anyone care?”

She went on to play a clip of Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin dismissing the amount this “investment tax” will benefit those in private equity, saying it would not amount to “that much money.”

Regan was having none of that, exclaiming “No, it’s not that much money! Who cares about 100 billion dollars? Maybe Steven Mnuchin doesn’t care about 100 billion dollars or his billionaire friends, but, come on. You mean to tell me that special interest lobbyists are so alive and well in Washington that they convinced the entire House and the entire Senate to ignore this inequity?”

“I’m beginning to wonder if our country is becoming ungovernable.”

The FBN host finished by saying “Our founding fathers never, ever anticipated a swamp like the one we have today.”

Americans seem to agree with Regan here, regarding the pending tax legislation. A recent poll conducted by research firm SSRS found that 55 percent of registered voters oppose the bill, a majority.

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