George Papadoupolous Announces Congressional Bid; Could Face Cenk Uygur Over Katie Hill’s House Seat


Former Donald Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos used an interview with Fox & Friends to confirm on live TV that he’s running for Congress in Katie Hill’s former district.

Papadopoulos was on to give his thoughts on Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s incoming report on possible biases and abuses of power in the Trump-Russia investigation. After Papadopoulos pushed back on early reporting about Horowitz’s findings, he officially took the leap and announced his candidacy for California’s 25th congressional district.

“This is a state with tremendous potential. Unfortunately, the governing apparatus and the party in this state has driven it right into the ground. I have been living here for over a year and a half, and people every single day, when I go and talk around the districts, the state, the country, they tell me we need a candidate to represent the community that has an American First agenda at heart, that supports the president, and if elected, to Congress, would propose and enact legislation that would advance this agenda…I’m running for the 25th Congressional District. I’m here to promote the America First agenda and to enact legislation that has real life consequences for the American people and my constituents.”

Papadopoulos has been hyping plans to run for Congress ever since he was released from his brief stint in prison for lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts. Since Papadopoulos is running to replace Hill after she resigned over unethical sexual conduct, this means he could face off with Cenk Uygur, the progressive founder of The Young Turks who is also pursuing the office.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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