George Papadopoulos

Just Out of Jail, George Papadopoulos Says He Plans to Run For Congress

Convicted Ex-Trump Advisor George Papadopoulos Reportedly Hopes Fox News Will Get Him Back in Game

The View Grills George Papadopoulos: Did The Trump Campaign ‘Set You Up?’

Trump Gloats After Papadopoulos Sentence: ‘No Collusion, A Great Day for America!’

George Papadopoulos to Jake Tapper: Sessions Was ‘Enthusiastic’ About Potential Trump-Putin Meeting

Brian Ross Returns to Television With George Papadopoulos Scoop

Scoop: George Papadopoulos Spills on Mueller Cooperation in First TV Interview With Jake Tapper

Papadopoulos Claims Jeff Sessions Supported Trump-Putin Meeting During 2016 Campaign

Papadopoulos’ Wife Advertises for New Lawyer, Reportedly Wants Him to End Plea Deal With Mueller

Mueller Plans to Move Forward on Trump Aide George Papadopoulos’ Sentencing

Man Claims Papadopoulos Dished to Him in Nightclub About Sessions

Trump Campaign Officials Reportedly Encouraged Papadopoulos’ Foreign Outreach

Sources Reportedly Contradict Sessions Testimony That He Opposed Russia Meeting During Campaign

Fox & Friends Gets Awkward When Brian Kilmeade Corrects Steve Doocy’s Scandalous Clinton Foundation Claim

Papadopoulos’ Fiancée Says He’s No Coffee Boy: ‘History Will Remember Him Like John Dean’

Twitter Blows Up Over NYT’s Papadopoulos Story: ‘Remarkable Journalism Here’

George Papadopoulos’ ‘Night of Heavy Drinking’ and Gossiping Reportedly Prompted Russia Probe

Papadopoulos’ Fiancée Counters ‘Coffee Boy’ Label: ‘Constantly in Touch with High-Level Officials’

Sessions Hits Back at ‘False Charges’ of Lying About Trump-Russia Connections: ‘That Is a Lie’

Papadopoulos Reportedly Lied to FBI About Russia Ties Out of ‘Blind Loyalty’ to Trump

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